RAGBRAI is the (Des Moines) Register Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. The Des Moines Register is a Newspaper. Every year 10000 people ride across Iowa in a big rolling party. This year a bunch of my friends, my wife and I went.

RAGBRAI is supported. Somebody carries all your stuff. I'm used to carrying my own stuff, so this was something new. I learned my bike is really fast.

What you do is you hook up with a team or a club. My friend Jim who I tour with sometimes has done RAGBRAI for years. He introduced us to the Des Moines Cycling Club. Probably half the people who do RAGBRAI with the DMCC are not from Iowa. The DMCC was really great. It's basically a bunch of old folks who like to ride bikes, then sit around and talk.

Here is the picture that sums up RAGBRAI

RAGBRAI_04 027 (308K)

You have your corn fields. You have antique farm equipment strewn across the fields. This is "art". And you have a line for the "KYBOs", which is where you will spend most of your time when you are not riding your bike. I understand KYBO stands for "Keep Your Bowels Open". I have never heard this term outside Iowa.