For reasons that are not clear to me, I have decided to become a Randonneur. To see what that means, check out the DC Randonneurs Web Site.

I am now a member of the DC Randonneurs. I am almost positive they are all really great people, but their rides start absurdly early in the morning when I am completely incoherent. And the rides are really, really long, and very, very hilly, so at the end, I am completely incoherent.

Here is a table of maps for the 2005 Brevet Series

Brevet Series Maps
Brevet Delorme Climb Measured Climb Map
MD 200k 9715 6615 here
VA 200k 9793 5855 here
300k 17630 13658 here
400k 16575 12178 here
600k 28631 tbd here
Fall 200k 9170 6860 here
Spinning Wheels Populaire, 161k 7050 5781 here