Campsites (and cheap motels)

This page has a picture of everywhere I've spent the night. Each campsite is home, at least for one evening.

Tuckahoe State Park, MD

Day01Tuckahoe 001 (338K)

My room at the Wolf Trap Inn, Vienna, VA

Day03WolfTrapInn (301K)

KOA, Front Royal

Day04FrontRoyal KOA (72K)

Big Meadows, Skyline Drive

Day05BigMeadowsCamp (75K)

My room at the Colony Motel, Waynesboro, VA

Day06ColonyMotelWaynesboro (278K)

Otter Creek, Blue Ridge Parkway

Day07OtterCreek (378K)

Mill Mountain Campground, Roanoke, VA

Day08Roanoke (299K)

Meadows of Dan Campground, Meadows of Dan, VA

Day09MeadowsOfDan (373K)

Daughton Park Campground, Blue Ridge Parkway

Day10DoughtonPark (360K)

Boone Trail Motel, Boone, NC

Day11Boone (191K)

Informal Bed and Breakfast, upstairs at the Cranberry and Thistle, Jonesborough, TN

Day12Jonesborough (160K)

TMC Campground and Mini-Store, Newport, TN

Day13Newport (318K)

The Crosseyed Cricket Campground, Lenoir City, TN

Day14LenoirCity (378K)

Midway Motel, Sparta, TN, Red Dot of Quality, very nice.

Day15Sparta (269K)

Bridgeway Motel, Smithville, TN. No other place to watch football in town.

Day16Smithville (317K)

InTown Suites, Bellevue, TN. Weird place, it's like renting an apartment to get a room for the night.

Day17Bellevue (242K)

Meriwether Lewis National Monument, Natchez Trace Parkway, Tennessee

Day18MeriwetherLewis (392K)

Tishomingo State Park, Mississippi. On the Natchez Trace Parkway

Day19Tishomingo (359K)

Davis Lake Recreation Area, Mississippi. 4 miles off the Natchez Trace Parkway

Day20DavisLake 007 (353K)

Jeff Busby Campground, Natchez Trace Parkway, Mississippi.

Day21JeffBusby (385K)

Ratliffe Ferry Campground, Mississippi. 1 mile off the Natchez Trace Parkway

Day22RatliffeFerry (361K)

Rocky Springs Campground, Natchez Trace Parkway, Mississippi

Day23RockySprings (344K)

Oak Harbor Campground, Ferriday, Louisiana. On an oxbow lake with cypresses and egrets.

Day24Ferriday (399K)

Kisatchie KOA, Kisatchie State Forest, Louisiana. On top of the only hill in Louisiana.

Day25Kisatchie (369K)

Martin Dies State Park, Texas

Day26MartinDies (168K)

Motel 6, Huntsville, Texas

Day27Huntsville (199K)

LaSalle Hotel, Bryan, Texas. Is this posh or what? This is Debra's doing.

Day28Bryan (203K)

Downtown Hampton Inn, Austin, Texas. It's so fancy. Debra is hard at work on Saturday afternoon.

Day29Austin (282K)

Llano City Park, Llano, Texas. Tent site and hot shower, $1

Day31Llano (361K)

Stock Crossing City Park, Menard, Texas. Tonight was $6, but it includes electric. I gather the cows used to cross the river in the background right here during the cattle drives in the old days. I am the only camper.

Day32Menard (335K)

Shaw's Motel, Eldorado, Texas. No campgrounds, and a cold front bringing rain tonight.

Day33Eldorado (202K)

Best Budget Inn, Crane, Texas. Red Dot of Quality, very nice place. No campgrounds, and it smells like farts outside anyway.

Day34Crane (198K)

Budget Inn, Kermit, Texas. Red Dot of Quality, but pricey. No campgrounds in town, and I want a shower because I have to rough camp the next two days.

Day35Kermit (265K)

The side of Ranch Road 2185, 1 mile south of Ranch Road 652, Texas. 2185 is paved for only five more miles. Four cars have passed in 90 minutes. I'm out of sight of the main road, 652

Day36Ranch2185 (175K)

On the side of US 62, in the vicinity of Cornudas, TX, population 3. The road is over a dry wash, and is above where I'm camped in some yucca trees.

Day37Cornudas (164K)

Motel 6, El Paso, Texas. There are two RV parks in town, I rode by one and it looked horrible, and I'm tired of the howling wind, and I need to do wash.

Day38ElPaso (188K)

Best Value Inn, El Paso, Texas. Cheaper than the 6, on the other side of town.

Day39ElPaso (191K)

Happy Trails RV Park, Hatch, New Mexico. Nicest bathrooms I've ever seen at an RV park.

Day40Hatch (241K)

Black Range Lodge, Kingston, New Mexico. Historic 1880s lodge in silver rush boomtown. I could camp for free with no shower, at an elevation of 6400 feet in late November after it was in the 20s last night at 4000 feet, or I could spend $60 for room in historic lodge with hot tub, laundry, and breakfast. Tough choice? Not at all.

Day41Kingston (232K)

Palace Hotel, Silver City, New Mexico. Historic hotel in old mining town, now college town.

Day42SilverCity (163K)

Mountain Valley Lodge, Rodeo, New Mexico. The locals refer to it as "the Laundromat". It is also an RV park. There are no rooms, so I tent camped. The owners are new, they've never had a tent camper before, so they didn't know what to charge. The decided on $5.

Day44Rodeo (314K)

Silver King Hotel, Bisbee, Arizona. The fanciest hotel in this historic mining town is the Copper Queen Hotel. The Silver King is an old boarding house for miners. Changes since the mining days are it has been painted. Shared bathroom. Very authentic.

Day45Bisbee (247K)

Sonoita Inn, Sonoita, Arizona. Fancy and pricey. The rooms have names. It's this or the side of the road, so I'm luxuriating.

Day46Sonoita (43K)

Jerome's Couch, Tucson, Arizona. Jerome works at the local bike shop, and also tours on a recumbent. He offered me his couch to repay the hospitality of others on his own tours.

Day47Tucson (222K)

Catalina State Park, Catalina, Arizona. Got in at 11:00. It was well below freezing that night.

Day48Catalina (179K)

Motel 6, Tempe, Arizona. Nice out, but no camping options. Big guy is Jim, he doesn't come with the room.

Day49Tempe (180K)

Westerner Motel, Wickenburg, Arizona. RDOQ. Huge, spacious room, very nice and quite a deal.

Day50Wickenburg (225K)

Stage Coach Motel, Quartzite, Arizona. Another huge spacious room. Nice paint color, huh?

Day51Quartzite (203K)

Townhouse Lodge, Brawley, California. RDOQ. Very nice.

Day52Brawley (230K)

Jacumba Hot Spring Spa, Jacumba, California. Jacuzzi, restaraunt, pool, great place.

Day53Jacumba (262K)

Santee Inn, Santee, California.

Day54Santee (179K)

Point Loma Hostel, San Diego, California. End of the road.

Day55SanDiego (201K)