Day 1: Ocean City, MD to Tuckahoe State Park, MD

OnBeach (183K)

I feel great. I haven't had a good nights sleep in a week, and the sun never showed itself today, and half the time it was drizzly, and there was a moderate wind from the north, which is the direction I was riding half the time, and all my choices for places to eat turned out not so good, and I'm starting a caffeine vacation for the duration of the bike trip.

But I feel great anyway. I made 80 miles. I have weeks of fun bike touring ahead of me. There is nothing like starting out down the road and knowing there is the whole continent ahead of you

Hwy1 (167K)

I spent half the day crossing Delaware, which has been one of my least favorite states since I got a speeding ticket in a speed trap there 7 years ago. I think Delaware is a bunch of rip-offs, and chicken farms, which smell bad and pollute the bay.

ChickenHouse (202K)

The only redeeming part of Delaware is that it has excellent wildlife refuges and they haven't overdeveloped the beach like in Ocean City. Salt marshes are cool.

SaltMarsh (152K)

There are also cool small towns. Here is a small-town cinema which I think was in Roxana. Note how it is covered in Formstone.

FormstoneCinema (193K)

Folks who are not from Baltimore may not know about Formstone. It is cement slathered on top of your nice bricks, and molded to look like stone. It was real big in the 40s and 50s. Debbie made me take it off our house; I was sad.

I had a mid-morning snack of beef jerky and Gatorade here in the circle in the middle of Georgetown, DE, which is the county seat of Sussex county. The circle was laid out in 1791.

Georgetown (305K)

Lunch was at the Greenville VFW Chicken Barbeque. It sucked. The chicken was super dry, I could barely swallow it. Despite the inedible food, the people there were really friendly, and they were doing a huge business.

Dinner was at Sam's Restaraunt and Pizza in Ridgely, MD. I got the chicken pot pie. It was made with pizza cheeze, and unidentifiable vegetables that were probably squash with my luck. Furthermore, after I drank half my giant lemonade, I realized that it was served in an unbelievably filthy glass.

The Eastern Shore is not known for good food. I'm feeling a bit woozy.

Here is the actual route for the day. Note that I had some trouble finding a paved road between Ridgley and the camp site. The dirt roads here are sand, and my tires are too skinny.

Actual01 (176K)

Here's the campsite at Tuckahoe State Park

Day01Tuckahoe 001 (338K)