Day 9 - Meadows of Dan

Today was a perfect day for a scenic Sunday drive. Seventy degrees and sunny, with all the leaves changing colors. So that's what everyone in southern Virginia appears to have done. There was heavy traffic all around Rocky Know on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was event. There were lots of antique cars, hot rods, and motorcycles. People would just pull over anywhere and have a picnic. It was quite a scene.

I was the only bicycle rider, and I was pretty nervous, since many folks appeared to be drunk as hell. A woman riding in a new Thunderbird offered me a glass of wine.

I am in the laundry room at the Meadows of Dan campground. I am clean. Soon my clothes will be clean too. I am also very sore. Today was very grueling. This Rocky Knob place is the real deal. It was very, very steep, the steepest grade yet. I did 61 miles today, and I only averaged 8 mph (and that's pedal time, with rest breaks removed.) In addition to the 1000 foot supersteep climb up Rocky Knob, there was an 1800 foot climb to start the day. I'm hoping tomorrow is easier, but I have to go 70 miles.

I ate out of the snack bag and cooked a backpacker lunch today. I broke in my portable cook stove. It works great. There is a restaraunt attached to the motel across the street. As soon as the wash is done, I'm going over there to pig out.

This Meadows of Dan is a small town where the roads cross, packed with shops to sell trinkets to tourists. However, there is a store and a second restaraunt, which I'm going to hit on the way out so the snack bag will be bulging for the wilds of North Carolina.

I didn't take many pictures today, because the camera was showing no battery life. It is now recharged, as is Allen's cell phone and my laptop.

Here is today's route actually travelled.

Actual09 (266K)