Day 21 - Jeff Busby Campground, Natchez Trace Parkway, Mississippi

It was a short day today, only 55 miles. I was done by 1:00 pm. I never left the parkway, no towns, no restaraunts. I'm eating food I have with me. I had cheddarwurst for breakfast, delicious Soutwest Smoked Salmon and Pasta, freeze dried in a bag, and I'm about to heat up some cheese dip and have it with triscuits for dinner.

I am at another showerless, no fee campground on the trace. It's full, all RVs, except for the folks next to me who are setting up there tent, and another bike tourist who is also a homeless person.

I spent the afternoon chatting with the homeless bike tourist. He is an old hippie, who spent the Viet Nam war in Canada. I got the impression he has been on the road, either on a bike or hiking the Appalachian Trial, for the last 10 years. He is not a deranged individual, and I had an interesting time comparing notes on different places we have been. He's been to every state but Hawaii (I've been to all of them) and he's been to every Canadian province and territory except Nunavut. (I haven't been to Manitoba or Nunavut.) He was very envious that I have been to Inuvik, which he has not been to. He has also been all over Central America. He says he can't have a bank account now due to the Homeland Security Act, which requires a permanent address to have a bank account. I wonder what the RV people and what the boat people do?

He travels with a short wave radio, and he is a news junkie. He has stringy long blond hair, which is mostly gray, and a short mustache. He has a new hybrid bike, rigged up for touring. He doesn't go very fast or far, he only rides every couple of days, and then only about 30 miles to the next free place. I wonder if I would do that if I was touring permanently. I bet I would.

Today was another perfect day. The nights now are down to about 60, and the daytime highs are about 80. Partly cloudy. The homeless bike rider says the forecast is more of the same until Tuesday, when there is a slight chance of showers. Cool

There were more Indian mounds today.

BurialMounds (314K)

These are 1200 years old, and were built over charnel houses where dead Indians were cremated. The unhelpful signs did not say which prehistoric Indian culture was responsible, but did say that the builders were hunter-gatherers who did a little farming.

I miss my dog. Consequently, I have to make friends with every dog I see, and I want to adopt every stray. I was really sad to see Hound 319 sitting forlornly by the side of the rest area.

Hound319 (262K)

She was very shy, and would not let me get close. I told the next park ranger about Hound 319, and he said the fox hunters number their dogs like this, and she would probably get picked up soon enough. I don't know. She looked a little bedraggled, like she'd been outside in the woods for awhile.

I'm making friends with all the dogs in the campground.

Here is today's actual route traveled.

Actual21 (260K)