Day 28 - Bryan, Texas

What a great day it is. Due to the excesses of yesterday, I only had to ride 53 miles today, to get to the fancy historic hotel room Debra reserved for us. I got in before 1:00, and I have plenty of time to do chores and get cleaned up before she gets here at 6:00. This is great.

Texas is starting to look like Texas now.

There are cattle

Cattle (213K)

and oil wells

OilWell (187K)

and training facilities for cheerleaders.

CheerleaderSchool (157K)

Despite the amusing scenery, the weather was dreary. It was a cool, gray, overcast day. The temperature was in the 50s, and there was a light wind from the northwest. It was drizzly and misty when I started up, but there was no real rain.

The pine forests are being replaced by scrubby oak and osage orange thickets. I saw my first scissors-tailed flycatchers. Occasionally you cross small rivers, which are bordered by wide swamps with egrets and cypress trees.

That's about it. I had breakfast before starting out at the restaraunt next to the Motel 6, which was tasty. I rode straight through, and I've been hitting the snack bag until Debra gets here, when we will have a nice dinner.

I hope we will have a nice dinner. Downtown Bryan is a bit dilapidated. There do not appear to be many signs of life. Here is our fancy historic hotel, which is right in the middle of town.

LaSalleHotel (205K)

The library is a block away, I'm hoping I can upload my web pages before Debra arrives, and maybe scout out dining options.

Here is today's quick and easy route traveled.

Actual28 (142K)