Day 48 - Catalina State Park, Arizona

Today is Thanksgiving. I met up with Jim at the airport. His flight was quite delayed. He didn't get in until 6:00, and he didn't have his bike together until after 7:00. Nonetheless, we decided to stick with our original plan to ride 25 miles to Catalina State Park and camp, even though we didn't start riding until two hours after dark. We got to the park at about 11:00. It's now 11:30, and I'm going to bed. I'll make a double update tomorrow.

It's early in the morning two days later.

I had all day to kill since Jim wasn't going to get in until the afternoon. Jerome, the nice guy whose couch I slept on the night before, rode with me to a taco stand for breakfast, which was a great choice, and one of the few places open. He took me over the very cool Rattlesnake Bridge, which is a pedestrian bridge over a busy street.

Here's the head.

RattlesnakeHead (258K)

and here's the tail.

RattlesnakeTail (197K)

Jerome has a roommate. She is a student studying math and computer science. I told her my favorite mathemetician joke: "These two mathematicians walked into a building. What's funny is the second one didn't see it coming." She got the joke right away without me having to explain it, so I suspect she is more on the computer science side.

I spent the afternoon doing laundry, uploading pages to my web site (for free at a nice hotel whose name I forget, but not a Hilton), killing time at the Waffle House, and sitting around the airport reading my book.

Since it was the busiest travel day of the year, Jim's flight was horribly delayed and he didn't get in until 6:00. The sun sets at 5:15. His bike was assembled and we were ready to roll around 7:00.

BikeInAirport (213K)

We decided to follow our original plan and keep on schedule and ride to Catalina State Park, which is 25 miles north of town. It might be dark out, but we would have no traffic in Tucson since it was the evening of Thanksgiving and everything was closed.

It took four hours to get to the campground. Jim had a flat tire, and we had to find batteries for our headlights. We didn't have any dinner, but ate from the snack bag along the way.

Here is the meandering Thanksgiving day ride.

Actual48 (224K)