Day 50 - Wickenburg, Arizona

We are in the Westerner Motel, an excellent example of the Red Dot of Quality at work, in Wickenburg, Arizona. I am stuffed full of steak, and happy and relaxed after another big day on the bike. We went 80 honest miles, no tailwinds or big coasts.

Phoenix is a great bike town. We went almost the whole way through on a very scenic bike trail along a canal. No traffic, no congestion for over 30 miles. Once you get out of town, you are on US highways with big wide shoulders that climb mostly gradually up into the mountains. There are still lots of saguaros and other strange organisms along the way.

Breakfast was Mexican food at a 24 hour place next to the canal in Phoenix. We had no lunch due to the need to get to Wickenburg before dark. We made it right as the sun was setting.

Today was my turn for flat tires. I let the air in my tires get too low. I eased over onto the shoulder at high speed on a hill, crossing a rumble strip at the edge of the road. I gave myself three pinch flats at once from the rumble strip. I should know better.

I was pretty lackadaisical about pictures today. I forgot to take any. I'm so sick of riding after dark I didn't want to take a pause.

Here is the map for today. The part in Phoenix is only approximate, because the map software will not route on the bike path along the canal.

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