State Line Fever

Like everyone else, I compulsively take a picture every time I cross a state line.

Maryland to Delaware, Highway 1.

MDDE (165K)

Delaware to Maryland. I assume this is the state line, because the pavement stops. The dirt is actually packed sand, which I can't ride due to my tires. I could see a stop sign a half mile off. I walked it.

DEMD (279K)

Maryland to the District of Columbia, Varnum St.

MDDC (230K)

The District of Columbia to Virginia, I-66 on the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge

DCVA (234K)

Virginia to North Carolina, on the Blue Ridge Parkway

VANC (394K)

North Carolina to Tennessee, US 321

NCTN (230K)

Tennessee to Alabama, Natchez Trace Parkway

TNAL (272K)

Alabama to Mississippi, Natchez Trace Parkway. Note Indian mound in background

ALMS (326K)

Mississippi to Louisiana, US 65/84

MSLA (333K)

Lousiana to Texas, LA SR 8/TX SR 63

LATX (299K)

Texas to New Mexico, Gardiner Road, El Paso County. I realized I entered Texas at the easternmost possible point, so I decided to leave it at the westernmost possible point. This picture is actually in New Mexico, the state line was unmarked because the road was so minor.

TXNM (233K)

New Mexico to Arizona, SR 80.

NMAZ (219K)

Arizona to California, I-10 pedestrian bridge.

AZCA (221K)