Climbing Hills on the T-Bone

Everyone says recumbents can't climb hills. The first weekend I had my bike, I went camping at Seneca Rocks in West Virginia, and climbed some hills.

NorthMountain (16K)

This is on US 33 at the top of North Mountain. It's a 4 1/2 mile, 8% grade.

NorthMtnWV (109K)

I also went the other direction, which was a 3 mile, 9% grade. I was out of shape, too.

You get to the top, and you just want to sing "We Are the Champions"

NorthMountain2 (33K)

This is at the top of Town Hill, on SR 144 in Western Maryland. If you look close, through my front wheel, you can see the cut where I-68 goes over Sideling Hill. Since you can't ride your bike on I-68, we rode all the way over the top on US 40.

TownHill (31K)

When I rode coast to coast in the fall of 2003 there were more mountains to climb. I had 60 pounds of gear on the bike, too. Here is a nice view from on top of Skyline Drive in Virginia. OldRag (42K)

When you get to the Blue Ridge Parkway, there are some big climbs too. My favorite was the one after the James River where you go up 3300 feed in 13 miles with no breaks. It's about 9-10%. Here is a nice picture from on top of the Blue Ridge Parkway. AirBellows (211K)

The highest point on that coast to coast ride was Emory Pass in New Mexico

EmoryPass (340K)
Here is a view back from near the top. You can see the road way way down there through the trees. BigClimb2 (297K)

I don't think there are any problems climbing hills on the T-bone.