2004 C and O Towpath Ride - Day 1 - Baltimore to College Park, MD

The first leg of this journey is just getting to the towpath. I decided to document it because the back roads from Baltimore to DC are full of weird stuff. Most of this is my normal commute to work.

You can't leave home on your bike without the perfunctory shot of the sad and lonely little dog looking out the window.

Towpath_04 001 (267K)

The ride to DC is basically a series of prisons, garbage dumps, and sewage treatment plants. In Baltimore the sewage treatment plants are beautiful and historic. In the foreground is a pumping station which is also a museum of sewage treatment plants.

Towpath_04 003 (225K)

To get out of town to the southwest, you have to go behind our Glorious Baltimore Ravens' football stadium, and along the railroad tracks. Right behind me is a huge trash incinerator.

Towpath_04 004 (245K)

This scenic creek is emptying into the harbor right next to the incinerator

Towpath_04 005 (189K)

This crazy house is in the obscure neighborhood of English Consul, which is just outside the city line. See the statue of the bald child wearing a faded army fatigue? What is the owner of this house thinking?

Towpath_04 006 (252K)

See the defunct 60's gas station with an add-on snowball stand that looks like a miniature castle.

Towpath_04 007 (252K)

Right before you cross MD 32, there is a garbage transfer station. I bet this house was really nice once. Now it's an office for a road-paving company.

Towpath_04 008 (265K)

A few more miles down the road, you go behind Laurel Raceway. They don't hold races here anymore, but they use it to train race horses. Here's a young thoroughbred getting hosed down after his morning workout.

Towpath_04 009 (232K)

Here is the bridge over I-95.

Towpath_04 010 (255K)

Cherry Hill Campground, the only campground in DC. It's brutally expensive, $35 for a tent site, and it's right at the junction of I-95 and I-495 so you get all the DC beltway traffic noise all night.

Towpath_04 011 (249K)

Here's my tent in the woods.

Towpath_04 012 (257K)