2004 C and O Towpath Ride - Day 3 - Harper's Ferry to Little Orleans

The third leg of this journey continues on the towpath and 40 miles of smoothness which is the Western Maryland Rail Trail to the small town of Little Orleans. Little Orleans is basically one old guy named Bill. Bill's place is the restaraunt, bar, post office, mayor's office, canoe rental and pony ride headquarters. It's across the road from a big campground on the towpath. Despite all this economic activity, there are no showers. I jumped in the river.

These are the railroad bridges going across to Harper's Ferry. One of them has a foot path, which is the Appalachian Trail. If you want to go to Harper's Ferry, you have to carry your bike up three flights of steps and then go over the railroad bridge.

Towpath_04 044 (259K)

Here's a beautiful old house, which has an old path with a footbridge down to a landing on the river.

Towpath_04 045 (289K)

At one point the towpath is completely washed away and you have to go on regular roads. I was very annoyed to see tract mansions springing up here, where previously there were only farms. The creek and barn below are at the end of this detour where you rejoin the towpath.

Towpath_04 046 (316K) Towpath_04 047 (254K)

This establishment is in the small town of Williamsport. In these small towns, if you want to succeed, you have to have an acute insight into the needs of your customers.

Towpath_04 048 (331K)

Another viaduct, where the side has fallen off.

Towpath_04 049 (253K)

Bill's Place. I had Bill fry me up a steak.

Towpath_04 051 (265K)

The campground at Little Orleans.

Towpath_04 050 (360K)