Drew's Aquariums

I have a room full of seven aquariums.

Since we are moving they all have to go!
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75 Gallon

This one has plants from South America. The fish are characins and dwarf cichlids. This is the first tank I set up as an adult. It's been up for 8 years. There are two clown plecostomus in there that were the first fish I bought. 75 (270K)

60 Gallon Hex

This one has more South American plants. It is the home of voracious predators. There are two South American Leaf Fish. They eat a dozen minnows per week, but they eat them all at once. 60 (330K)
There are also some Panamanian Sturisomas. These are the second generation. 60.1 (349K)

40 Gallon

This one has plants from Southeast Asia. There are a bunch of Amano shrimp, but only a few fish. There are some licorice gouramis, and a school of Axelrod's Raspora. I put a couple kuhli loaches in there, but I haven't seen them since. 40 (315K)
Here is a closeup of some licorice gouramis. 40.1 (385K)

30 Gallon

This one has plants from West Africa. This tank I had as a kid. I rescued it from my sister's garage. It's over 25 years old. 30 (278K) 30.1 (296K) Here is a closeup a male Nanochromis parilus. He is no longer with us. He was the last of the second generation of those guys. 30.2 (308K)

29 Gallon

This one has odds and ends for plants, and some praecox rainbowfish and some peacock gudgeons. 29 (340K)

20 Gallon

A friend of mine just gave me this tank. I threw a bunch of java ferns in it. I'm still contemplating what to do with it. It has some west african candy tetras and a pair of killifish in it for now. 20 (352K)

10 Gallon

I have no pictures of this one. It has plant clippings in it. I use it as a quarantine tank, and for raising fry.