Camping at RAGBRAI 2004

The way it works is the overnight towns set aside a big old pasture for everyone to camp in. There is a mad rush every day where each club and team races to get their box truck to the overnight town to claim the prime camping spots.

Here is the scene at the Des Moines Cycle Club area the first night in Onawa. This is typical. White stackable plastic chairs are very much part of the experience.

RAGBRAI_04 004 (228K)

This is the next night in Lake View. Lake View has a population of 1300. RAGBRAI brought 10000 bike riders to town. They ran out of food, hot water, and space at the camp ground. Luckily the hot water wasn't much of an issue because the lake was pretty warm.

RAGBRAI_04 009 (281K)

Here is a view of the lake in Lake View. I think it's wonderful that my wife Debra is so affectionate because I "showered" by jumping in the lake.

RAGBRAI_04 011 (217K)

I think this in in Hiawatha. Over by those houses are 3,600 pieces of pie. I think Di there has her tent set up before anyone else because she rode in the truck. My tent is set up before anyone else because I ride fast.

RAGBRAI_04 028 (185K)