The RAGBRAI 2004 Disaster

At the second to last overnight town, the Des Moines Cycle Club box truck was parked on a narrow street next to our camping area. Some idiot local sports bar decided to hire a school bus to haul people away from the official RAGBRAI events to their bar. This school bus has a roof rack which snags the back of our box truck and pulls it forward about 10 feet before the idiot driver figures out what's going on.

Several people in our group had their bikes leaning on the truck.

My friend Darrin had his bike leaning against the front of the truck. It got smushed into a sign. Note how the handlebars are not aligned with the wheel

RAGBRAI_04 031 (282K)

But Darrin's fiance had it worse. Her bike, which she just got two weeks before, wound up under the wheel of the truck.

RAGBRAI_04 029 (318K)

Can you believe that she was able to finish RAGRBRI after replacing the front wheel? The frame is bent, though, and she is still waiting for the insurance company to come up with the money so she can get it fixed.

RAGBRAI_04 030 (283K)

But the worst case scenario was Craig from Des Moines. His nice new carbon fiber Trek US Postal Team bike just like Lance rides was chained to the front wheel of the truck since it costs over $4000. The wheel turned, the frame broke.

RAGBRAI_04 032 (309K) RAGBRAI_04 033 (245K)