Recumbents at RAGBRAI 2004

There are a lot of recumbents at RAGBRAI. Maybe as many as 5% of all the bikes there. Below are some recumbent pictures I got. The ones I didn't get was the guy riding Rolf's own Volae Team Rolf, and the guy riding a Bacchetta Aero, and the guy with an Optima low racer. I saw the Optima roll by after I had stopped. I rode with the Volae guy a long while on Century Day, and I made a big, hard push to catch the Bacchetta guy because I really wanted to see what he was riding so fast.

Here's a Burley and a Vision. Pretty unremarkable.

RAGBRAI_04 008 (260K)

Here's the guy with the carbon fiber Lightning. I was talking to him in camp a couple days later. He said the lack of seat adjustment was driving him crazy.

RAGBRAI_04 012 (253K)

Here is one of the two other T-bones. The two other T-Bones were owned by Herb and Herb, a father and son from Utah who have a bike shop. I rode awhile with Herb the younger on Century Day. It was very fun. "Let's take that pace line."

RAGBRAI_04 015 (273K)

Here's a group shot with the Herbs.

RAGBRAI_04 017 (264K)