Scenes from RAGBRAI 2004

I had way to much fun at RAGBRAI to make this web site while I was actually there. Or to keep track of what towns I took the pictures in. So here I would like to present, without rhyme or reason, some random but interesting pictures from RAGBRAI.

This is the entry to Lake View. I don't think they put this up just for RAGBRAI. I suspect this is art.

RAGBRAI_04 010 (336K)

It's nice when a small town shows civic pride by building a big fancy courthouse. Especially if it's pink.

RAGBRAI_04 014 (244K)

Martha is everywhere, whether she likes it or not.

RAGBRAI_04 016 (293K)

One day of RAGBRAI is "Century Day". There is an optional loop you can take so that you get to go 100 miles instead of 75 miles. The optional loop this year took us to the town of Woolstock, where they served us pie. This picture shows half of Woolstock.

RAGBRAI_04 019 (265K)

This picture shows the other half of Woolstock. Note the grain elevator. I think you could fit all the other buildings in town inside the grain elevator.

RAGBRAI_04 020 (263K)

The towns in Iowa make bids to get on the route, which changes each year. I understand that it's pretty much mandatory that there be a beer garden, and I think live music is a big plus. I'm wondering, though, if they neglected to mention that the live music was an "oom-pah" band.

RAGBRAI_04 021 (232K)

Pork is big in Iowa. If your going to barbeque, you'd better paint the cooker up like a pig.

RAGBRAI_04 007 (229K)

But nothing tops Mr. Pork Chop, whose cooker is a school bus painted up like a pig. Mr. Pork Chop is a guy in his 60s who looks like he's lived on pork chops his whole life. Every day his bus is parked by the side of the road 30 miles or so from the start. He sits there bellowing "POOOORRRRK CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP" at the cyclists as they ride by. You give Mr. Pork Chop $6, and his daughter hands you a nice fat steaming hot pork chop from a cooler, wrapped in a paper towel. I visited Mr. Pork Chop for breakfast 4 of 7 days. I gained 5 pounds.

RAGBRAI_04 022 (301K)

This is one of the two evil dirt road sections we had to deal with. My bike can't do this. I visited grandma the whole way and went about 5 mph. It was horrible.

RAGBRAI_04 023 (154K)

Here is our entire Baltimore contingent posing in our Joe's Mount Washington Bike Shop shirts at the entrance to Marshalltown. Marshalltown tried hard. They had a job fair! They sent me an invitation! I couldn't imagine what I would do in Iowa, so I checked it out. The most high-tech thing they have is a plant that makes plastic injection moldings. Good grief.

RAGBRAI_04 024 (274K)

However, Marshalltown also had a water slide shaped like the Titanic!

RAGBRAI_04 025 (209K)

These guys were playing on the street, and I can't remember the town or their name. Old Scratch something or other I think. They were incredibly good! Iowa is where Classic Rock refuses to die and go away. These guys were playing traditional jazz! The closest thing to them I can think of is the Squirrel Nut Zippers. I think they were in high school, too. RAGBRAI_04 026 (306K)