Pitiful Epilog - February 24th, San Diego

The bike riding ended for me at San Luis Obispo.

Jim and I decided to take a day off in the hope that I would feel better and be able to continue. We had a cushion day built into our schedule. But the next morning, I felt so bad, I just bought the train ticket to San Diego. Jim has continued on solo.

I was pretty feverish and incoherent for the next couple days. They kick you out of the hostel mid-day, so I spent the day sitting on a patio in the sun downtown nursing a smoothie. You know you're sick when you can sit in a chair in the sun for four straight hours without moving or even reading anything.

In the afternoon, we went to see the Johnny Cash biopic. Which is a great movie, but an hour too long. I decided my favorite person in the move was Mother Maybelle. The audition for Sam Phillips is also priceless.

The next morning I was on the train, still a diseased zombie. I felt a little better, to the point where I could read. I got into San Diego, and rode 6 blocks from the hostel. I'm in the Gaslight District, which is full of bars and restarants and shops, which is good, because I can get food without going far.

The next day, yesterday, I didn't move. I read a book all day, but by evening, I felt very feverish, worse than ever, and went to bed early.

Today, I'm feeling OK, I hope. I walked around a bit, and found a bike shop that can pack and ship our bikes, as long as Jim can get in before they close at 6:00. If not, I'll drag a bike box back for him.

So this bike tour has been a bust. Vacation will be over with minimal mental rejuvenation and pretty much no attainment of physical fitness. I can't remember much since Monterey. You can't win them all.