November 17 - Buccaneer State Park, Mississippi

I am curled up in my tent hiding from the bugs, while the trains roll by outside. This state park is on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico.

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The campground is back in a half mile, next to a marsh and the train tracks. It's a beautiful night, with a slight chance of showers. The wind is blowing outside from the east, as it has all day. Today had some headwinds.

I woke up early today and wrote the entry for yesterday, then went off to find a Wi-Fi hot spot to upload the massive updates I made to the web site on the train. The Hotel Pontchartrain two blocks away has free public Wi-Fi, but their access point was broken. I was hungry, so I gave up.

I rode across town to the French Quarter and feasted on beignets at the Cafe du Monde.

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Yummy yummy. Here is a picture of the T-bone at Jackson square.

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I spent all day riding on US 90. This was not so great most of the time, although there wasn't much traffic. Outside of New Orleans, 90 is "The Broken Glass Boulevard". I got a flat tire. It was a pinch flat. I fixed it, and put the tire back on the rim. It wouldn't inflate. I took it off. There was another pinch flat. I fixed it. I put the tire back on the rim. Away I went.

Fifteen miles later, I get another flat. This time it's in the middle of a mile-long two lane bridge, with no shoulder. So I had to ride on the flat for a half mile, worrying that I am ruining my new tire the whole way.

This time I carefully inspected the tire. There were about two dozen chunks of glass stuck in it. I fished them all out. I put on a brand new tube. Everything looks good.

US 90 is dead flat. It is swamps the whole way. There are no towns, but there was a bizarre area of Vietnamese strip malls about 10 miles after New Orleans. Go figure. I saw a lot of shrimp boats. At the eastern end of Louisiana, it's all fish camps with homemade painted plywood signs. Once you get to Mississippi, there are some forests, it looks like tree farming since all the trees are about the same age. I am now at the start of the built-up section of the Mississippi coast, and it's all casino billboards. Crystal Gayle and Ann Margaret are coming in a couple months. I bet playing casinos in Mississippi is the end of the line if you were once a celebrity. I wonder whether it's better to play Branson or a Mississippi Gulf Coast casino.

Since there were no towns, there was no food. I crept into Waveview, the town where this state park is, pretty much spent. I found a Mexican Restaraunt called "Mexican Restaraunt" and got an awesome lunch for $5.00. I think it's cheaper than Taco Bell. Boy, that saved the day.

Here is the route ridden for today. Check out the elevation profile.

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