November 20 - Black Water State Park, Florida

Today was the tour of destruction. I went along Gulf Coast barrier islands in Alabama and Florida that took the brunt of the hurricanes. Most stuff was still closed. Destruction was everywhere. Not even Hooters was spared.

Tour2004-04 001 (193K)

The parts where there was nothing to destroy were very scenic.

Tour2004-04 002 (130K)

Hurricanes don't even respect Viet Nam War Memorials in Pensacola.

Tour2004-04 005 (173K)

Today was a rough day. It was light to moderate showers almost all the time. I am very soggy. The tent was wet when I packed it up this morning from the rain last night.

To make matters worse, I had three flat tires. One piece of glass, one stone, and one fragment of a zipper. The stone cause a slow leak which led to a huge snakebite and destroyed the tube. I also discovered something made a 3/16ths inch gash in the rear tire right where the tread meets the sidewall. I found a great bike shop in Milton, FL called Truly Spokin'. They had my obscure size tubes *and* my obscure size tire! (26x1") I got a new tire and stocked up on tubes. Excellent. I now have my full complement of spare parts.

But all the flat-fixing really slowed me down. I did just under 80 miles, I think. The cyclocomputer stopped working. It does this when it gets really wet. I got in right at nightfall, and set up camp in the rain. It's not cold out, so this is not that big a deal. There is a 60% chance of rain tonight, and 50% tomorrow. I might get a room tomorrow to dry out. I have one set of dry clothes to wear.

Here is the route for today.

0404Actual (76K)