November 22 - Chattahoochie, Florida

I am at the KOA in Chattahoochie. The gentle murmur of RV air conditioning units off in the distance blends with the humming of semi truck tires on the I-10 a half mile away. It's pretty serene.

I am now in Eastern Time. It's 5:40 and still light out! You enter eastern time right after you cross the Appalachicola river. Then there is the biggest hill in Florida, I'm pretty sure. It's not all that big, but I hadn't eaten in 50 miles, and I stubbornly refuse to use the little ring in a state where the highest elevation is a bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway. Here is a picture of the Appalachicola.

Tour2004-06 003 (149K)

It was foggy all morning. I was on the road right after sunup, and was riding in fog for about two hours. I have no pictures of this, since it would be pointless. All this riding was on US 90, which is a two lane highway with light traffic and huge, smooth shoulders.

This area is about as red as a red state can get. Every vehicle has a stick-on magnetic ribbon. The Sunday paper contained many articles detailing the wisdom and steadfast determination of President Bush. There was some malcontentent that got in to the Letters to the Editor, though: "All Teachers Deserve Raises, Not Just The Football Coach". The place I had dinner at proudly displayed over the cash register a picture of the president (smirking) and a ticket to a Bush campaign rally.

The towns are starting to get bigger. I finally came to one (Marianna) that was big enough to have a drugstore so I could get a watch battery for my cyclocomputer sensor. It's been two days since I knew how fast I was going!

Here is proof that not all recumbent riders are alike:

Tour2004-06 005 (302K)

And here is the route for today. Check it out, hills!

0406Actual (86K)