November 23 - Waukeenah, Florida

It's supposed to pour tomorrow. I have to do 80 miles.

It rained last night, and there were showers today. Luckily the showers pretty much came while I was uploading web site updates at Tallahassee Community College, and gorging myself at an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet.

I can't figure the whole Internet access thing. If you go to a public library down here, they tell you there is no way you can possibly connect your laptop to their network. They act like you are some kind of hacker terrorist. Today I tried the community college library. "Sure, go right ahead! The whole campus has free wireless access!" I fired up the computer, and there were three different wide-open networks to choose from. I read all my e-mail, updated the web site, and frightened myself with the weather forecast.

Right now, I'm all set up at camp, everything is nice and dry, and I see stars above.

Today's ride was about half horrible highways and city streets in Tallahassee, and terrific back roads. The Adventure Cycling route takes you out of Tallahassee on a great rail trail, the Tallahassee-St. Marks. Here is a picture.

Tour2004-07 003 (318K)

What this picture doesn't capture is how fantastic the pine trees smell.

After that there is about 40 miles of riding through the forest in some dead flat lowlands. You have to climb out of that to get to the campground, which is next to I-10, and has a really lame tent area.

I'm not sure what they do around here. I think the main industry is prisons, followed by lumber. I passed a couple tomato farms. Here is the route for today.

0407Actual (89K)