November 25 - Jacksonville, Florida

Ninety miles today, and they were about as easy as could be. It was totally flat, with a stiff tailwind. I went through the Big Gum Swamp Wilderness Area in Osceola National Forest. For 30 miles, it looked just like this.

Tour2004-09 002 (390K)

For the next week or so I'm riding with my friend Jim. We're doing motels. No more camping in the tent. I met Jim at the Jacksonville Airport.

Tour2004-09 005 (200K)

The Jacksonville airport is really low key. I just rode my bike right into the door to the baggage claim area. A half hour later, Jim arrived and put his bike together.

Tour2004-09 006 (289K)

Thanksgiving is always a food challenge. I found a Waffle House for breakfast back in Lake City, and I only had to eat one giant Snickers bar to make it here, the Days Inn next to the airport. There is a Ruby Tuesday across the street that was open for dinner. They even had turkey.

Here is the route for today. There was about 15 miles through a bit of Georgia, which was all swamp that looks just like the Florida Swamp.

0409Actual (81K)