December 3 - Ft. Lauderdale

We took the day off today and hung out at the beach.

Tour2004-17 004 (312K)

We also did a bit of riding around Ft. Lauderdale to find a bike shop. Jim needed to get his bike packed and shipped since he flies home tomorrow. I was on an unsuccessful quest to find a map of safe bicycle routes around south Florida. Such a map does not exist, probably because safe routes do not exist.

The area between the beach and the city proper is all fancy houses and huge boats. It was fun to gawk at all this.

Tour2004-17 003 (250K)

We basically spent all day right here at the Elbo Room. Here is the view from my barstool.

Tour2004-17 005 (222K)

We also walked next door to eat lunch. Here is the view from my table.

Tour2004-17 008 (266K)

The Elbo Room has "live music", which is this guy playing guitar and singing over recorded bass and drum tracks. He did "I Can See Clearly Now", "Jenny, Jenny (857-5309)", "My Sharona", and a whole bunch more along those lines. He had one original number, which was about driving a Zamboni.

Tour2004-17 009 (270K)

He is a refugee from Connecticut. When he was on break, our Indiana refugee bartender played Ozzy on the stereo. She was great because she makes really stiff drinks. The crowd was a mix of 19 year olds from New Jersey, and couples in their 50s. One guy in his 50s was being crazy and wearing beer cups on his ears. I told the bartender "You see that guy with beer cups on his ears? You know you can't really escape from the Midwest." Jim observed there must be a vacuum to hold the cups on.

No map today, because we didn't go anywhere. Somehow I rode 25 miles though.