December 5 - Key West, Florida

Is this awesome or what?

Tour2004-19 002 (223K)

Today's ride was way cool.

Tour2004-19 007 (120K)

Here is the end of US 1. This is the same Route 1 as our Route 1 in Maryland

Tour2004-19 008 (240K)

And here is the end of the road. You can't go further south than this in the continental United States.

Tour2004-19 009 (167K)

Today was all fabulous tailwinds. I went 103 miles, and I averaged over 15 mph. It was a steady, easy cruise across the beautiful turquoise blue waters. The pictures do not capture the color of the water correctly.

The route was all bike path and nice shoulder, too. Piece of cake. Even the "Seven Mile Bridge" that many people warned me about was not a problem due to the generous shoulder. Murphy's law demanded that I get a flat tire in the middle of it, but I fixed it and continued on. The last two days have been terrific, and are pretty much destroying the bad reputation of touring in South Florida. Tailwinds will do that.

Here is the route for today.

0419Actual (29K)