December 11 - St. Augustine, Florida

No tailwinds today. It seems pretty lame to only ride centuries when you have a big tailwind. Today was all headwinds. I decided not to be lame. I went 113 miles. I got in a half hour after sundown.

I wanted to make St. Augustine because the hostel here is really nice, and they will do your laundry for $4, and they have free wireless internet. And I left most of a can of chain degreaser here when I was by a couple weeks ago. I am very happy I made it.

When I got here there were throngs of people all around the waterfront. They were having a holiday boat parade. Everyone with a boat decorates it with a ton of lights and then the all cruise along the waterfront in a line. I thought this was pretty cool until I got showered and went out to get some dinner to find out all those people who were watching the boat parade wanted dinner too. After walking all over looking for a restaraunt without a line, I wound up having a cheeseburger at a greasy spoon.

Since I was on a mission today, I only took one picture and it didn't turn out very well. This is from the bridge heading into the south end of Daytona Beach.

Tour2004-25 001 (165K)

Highlights of riding today was the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. It was really great, no traffic, ospreys and herons and egrets all over the place. The best bird sighting was a flock of Western Kingbirds. This surprise me, and I looked it up in my bird book. They winter in Florida.

The rest of the day was all shoulder of Route 1 and A1A. Very ridable. A1A north of Daytona Beach was very cool, it runs along the top of the dune next to the beach for miles and miles.

0425Actual (120K)