December 13 - Savannah, Georgia

This is the end. I'm on the train home.

Here are the top 10 reasons for ending the ride in Savannah

  1. There is a cold front coming through tonight.
  2. The wind is going to shift around and be in my face.
  3. I feel like a stud for riding 700 miles in the last 7 days, and I know I'll never keep it up.
  4. I've already ridden from Baltimore to Savannah.
  5. I can make Half Price Burger Night at Looney's tomorrow.
  6. I can spend the vacation days I don't use going somewhere with my wife.
  7. The odds of camping again are really low.
  8. The odds of another day with a high above 60 are really low.
  9. There is one sleeping compartment left on tonight's train, and they cut the price.

  10. And the last reason for ending the ride in Savannah is

  11. I can show off my cool tropical sun tan before it fades, including the white stripes on my cheeks and the dark spots on my forehead from the bike helmet.

Today was a great day. It's nice to end on an up note. I did 115 miles, the high was in the low 70's, and it was beautiful out. US 17 turned out to be a really nice route, with no traffic except for cars that say "Sheriff" on the side, until almost to Savannah. Anyone who looks suspicious is pulled over on the side of the road.

Check out the concrete wall on this gas station

Tour2004-27 005 (213K)

It was a Shell station, too!

Most of the ride was through fragrant pine forests. From time to time, you go across small rivers, with wide grassy marshes on either side.

Tour2004-27 006 (154K)

I got to the train station right at sunset. They had a bike box, and there was one sleeper car left. I called a pizza for dinner, and made do without a shower. It's so cool to ride right up to the train station and get on the train.

Tour2004-27 008 (203K)

I love the Amtrak train boxes. You can roll the T-bone right in. All you have to do is take off the handlebars, remove the boom and the pedals, and take off the front wheel. No messing with the seat!

Tour2004-27 009 (271K)

Here is the route for today. Riding from Florida to South Carolina in one day would be a snap.

0427Actual (132K)