The Plan

OK, this is the plan. The route is below.

no2kw2balto (164K)

I've been more slack than usual about planning this. I have a detailed route to Key West, and then I'm going to wing it north until I get too cold. I got the Adventure Cycling (AC) maps, which will guide me from Jacksonville to Baltimore.

The summary of the route is

  • Start at New Orleans
  • Pick up the AC Southern Tier in Grand Bay, AL
  • Get off the AC Southern Tier around Lake City, FL
  • Meet my friend Jim at the Jacksonville Airport on Thanksgiving
  • Follow the AC East Coast route to Fort Myers.
  • Ride through the Everglades on the Tamiami Trail to Miami, unless it sounds too scary, in which case we go by Lake Okechobee
  • Jim goes home from Miami, I go to Key West
  • Head north up the east coast of Florida, route TBD.
  • At Jacksonville, continue north on the AC East Coast route until I get home or get too cold. I know where all the train stations are. :-)
  • I am interested in hearing any horror stories about riding bikes on the Tamiami Trail (US 41) between Ft. Myers and Miami. Email to